The Astrological Edge . . . . . January 2017

by Jan Spiller

As 2017 begins, we will continue to be under the influence of retrograde Mercury. Even though Mercury will station direct early this month, on the 8th, we will be in the “shadow” of this phenomenon until the 22nd. It will be best to wait until after the New Moon on the 27th to launch new projects or commit to decisions. The 28th will be a much more favorable day than the 1st for making New Year’s Resolutions!

This doesn’t mean we have to sit idly all month. Several powerful aspects are in effect that can help us to get organized and improve the way we relate to others. Saturn will continue to trine Uranus all month, and that aspect can help us redefine what makes us feel secure. It could also signal a time for letting go of “safety nets” that may be restricting us in regard to our capabilities. Meanwhile, Jupiter’s continuing opposition to Uranus can shake up stale relationship patterns and promote personal growth. Last month, Jupiter was in a tight square to Pluto, encouraging us to open our minds and define our own “rules.” This month, the Jupiter-Pluto square is looser, but still in effect.

Partnership will be a strong theme all month, and we’ll have the opportunity to renegotiate agreements and cultivate more fairness in our dealings with others.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Tightens, Bringing Good Luck for Business Expansion
Jupiter and Saturn have been in orb of a favorable sextile since November 2016. This aspect will be very tight for much of January, making this month one of the most powerful times for business expansion. The caveat, of course, is that we will be in the midst of retrograde Mercury and its shadow, so it won’t be advisable to pursue new investments or sign contracts. For those who have been laying the groundwork for business growth, however, this can be a time when things begin to fall into place. We would be wise to avoid committing to a plan of action completely until after the New Moon on the 27th. We can use this month to research our options and put a wrap on works in progress.

The Jupiter-Saturn sextile can also promote a sense of optimism regarding the economy. In the media, we could see inspiring success stories that demonstrate hard work paying off. Financial responsibility will be an emphasis for those in leadership roles who may address problems such as debt, the cost of living, and unemployment rates. Fairness will be a prominent theme of this aspect. In our personal lives, we can expect to have more equitable dealings with others. This will be a favorable time for renegotiating, revising business plans, and/or reviewing budgets.

Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries: Defining Our Personal Boundaries
The Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which began last month, will continue in January, offering us the ability to define personal boundaries. Jupiter is in the partnership-themed sign Libra, while Uranus is in Aries, representing individuality. We are scheduled to claim our personal power and establish healthy, balanced relationships. It could be time to renegotiate agreements we made with ourselves and others. It may be useful to spend some time alone to get clear on our needs. This aspect will be useful to expand our capacity to give and receive love.

Worldwide, we may witness more populations expressing themselves through protest or conflict. Uranus stationed direct at the end of December, which brought suppressed feelings of unrest to the surface. Uranus energy can be volatile and unpredictable, which can turn the spotlight on important issues. Individual freedom will be a focus. Fortunately, with Jupiter in Libra, it can be possible to come to peaceful agreements. While some things may feel out of our control, this opposition can signal a dynamic time to stabilize inequitable situations.

We are likely to feel optimistic about our personal partnerships, whether romantic, friendly, or business in nature. We may butt heads with those we care about this month; however, the result can be a clarifying conversation. It is possible that we haven’t been straightforward about what we need. If that is the case, speaking our truth in a loving way will open the door for more loving, authentic relationships. Feeling confident about our identity can help us to attract the partnerships we desire.

The Jupiter-Pluto Square Continues: Taking Charge of Our Goals
There will be an emphasis on taking responsibility for our commitments this month, as Jupiter continues to square Pluto. Jupiter in Libra is promoting growth through our relationships, while Pluto is asking us to take charge of our goals. Teamwork is a strong theme. All parties involved must take on their fair share of responsibility . . . . . members can read the full column here.

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