The Astrological Edge July 2017

A Grand Trine in the fire signs (May to November 2017) will continue to activate our passions. In May, the North Node moved into Leo, shifting the presiding energies from task-oriented Virgo to the more expansive, heart-centered approach to life associated with the Sun-ruled sign. Because the Nodes move backwards through the zodiac, the North Node quickly completed a Grand Trine with Uranus and Saturn, which are now in the late degrees of Aries and Sagittarius, respectively.

For all of 2017, Saturn and Uranus create a favorable climate for channeling raw inspiration into structured, long-term plans. Even though this trine is considered an “easy” aspect, the contrasting energies of law-abiding Saturn and rebellious Uranus create a certain amount of tension that could leave us feeling unsettled at times. With the North Node in Leo balancing these two forces via a harmonious trine, it will feel easier to take confident action and connect with our heart’s desire.

The Jupiter-Pluto square that continues to be in orb this month will simultaneously magnify social problems and offer feelings of hope and optimism. This square creates pressure that will push us to raise our standards for ourselves and to operate with greater authenticity. Our desire to succeed will be strong, making this a good month to work for the causes in which we believe.

Jupiter-Pluto Square Pressures Us to Transform

This tense aspect can motivate people to “walk their talk” and dig in with fierce determination to protect the ideals they consider non-negotiable. While this type of energy can create a standoff, it can also foster a natural environment of change that exposes the old systems that are no longer working for us. As the month progresses, this square will tighten and raise consciousness about what is ready to be transformed in our lives and in the world.

With Pluto retrograde (April 20 to September 28, 2017), there will be an emphasis on acknowledging the things we can and cannot control. Worldwide, it will be more difficult for the powers-that-be to hide their motivations. The public is likely to see more of the “good, bad, and the ugly” of our existing systems. It is likely that some of the known will need to give way to the unknown, which will require people to sacrifice feelings of security to allow for positive transformation. With Pluto, there is an element of destruction present; however, the overall goal is to clear the ground to rebuild something stronger. It will be up to us to support this energy and resist the urge to cling to a crumbling structure.

On a personal level, we can leverage the Jupiter-Pluto square to our advantage by identifying obsessive feelings and transforming them into a healthier form of motivation. This square can really magnify our beliefs, desires, and fears. While this may feel uncomfortable at first, it will ultimately present ideal opportunities to find the traps we have laid for ourselves in the form of all-or-nothing thinking. It can be exhilarating to discover our inner truth, yet we will need to acknowledge where we have been limiting ourselves and to open our minds to taking a different approach. With Jupiter in Libra, we can find the support we need in others.

Partners, friends, business associates, and community members can lend valuable perspectives that help us to achieve our goals in ways we may not have considered.

Jupiter-Neptune Quincunx: Healing A Spiritual Disconnect

Jupiter and Neptune will continue to quincunx each other tightly this month, which can help to heal feelings of disconnection between ourselves and our Higher Power. With Neptune retrograde (June 16 to November 22, 2017), we’ll have more access to our intuition. It will be important to set aside time on a regular basis to quiet our minds and receive valuable information.

Worldwide, this quincunx can create tensions, as people may feel divided by their spiritual beliefs. It will be important for spiritual leaders to encourage feelings of universal love that unite humanity, despite religious and philosophical differences… Members can read the FULL COLUMN HERE.

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