Mars in Libra turns retrograde on the 1st (and doesn?t resume direct motion again until May 20). Mars rules war, and Libra rules peace. With this Libran Mars going retrograde, each of us is being presented with the possibility of understanding new ways to use our warrior energy to create harmony in relationships and join with others in ways that are mutually beneficial and allow the natural love connection to come forth.

When Mars is retrograde, it can be difficult, on a material level, to achieve success with new projects. Any effort to advance is generally met with resistance. Just as it is difficult to launch a boat when the tide is out, so too, is it difficult to launch projects when Mars is retrograde. It?s a natural phenomenon that has to be taken into account. Timing is everything!

Every two years, when Mars is retrograde, it is difficult to take the initiative simply because the energy in the atmosphere that normally supports forward movement is temporarily in retreat. Once the inflow of energy returns on May 20, we will have to sort out new ways to proceed with projects. Between now and then, if we begin any new project, we should plan on needing more time than expected to complete it?if we achieve anything at all. Continuing with projects that we have already begun, however, is fine.

Because Mars is the planet going retrograde, your whole notion of ?launching? is due to change. Its presence in Libra will have to do with your style of initiation changes in your one-to-one relationships. What is emerging now is the necessity of putting habitual responses on hold in order to take time to tune into the psychology and individuality of the other person. As we begin to understand others more clearly, we will be able to take the lead in ways with which they can cooperate simply because that new style of relating is more attuned to their nature.

For example, let?s say you, if you?re very spontaneous by nature, suddenly and without forethought say to a friend, ?Let?s go to the movies.? If the friend hesitates to answer, you may want to take that as a signal to examine the psychology of your friend. It may be that he or she likes to plan ahead and is not receptive to the idea of being spontaneous. By taking that character trait into account, you can search for and discover ways in which you can get your friend to go along with your spontaneous desire while at the same time being respectful of your friend?s own more cautious, hesitant nature. In this case, one possible strategy would simply be to say, ?There?s a movie playing next Friday night that I?d like to see. Can you fit it into your schedule?? This is an example of taking into account the other person?s identity and initiating something in a way that is in alignment with what is going to work for him or her. During this Mars retrograde, the whole principle of . . . . .

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This month has two NEW MOONS! Each month, the New Moon offers us a fresh opportunity to take charge of our lives by using the magic present in the atmosphere to manifest our dreams. On each New Moon POWER DAY, a window of opportunity opens that we can use by writing down a list of wishes (ten wishes maximum each month) of what we want to come true in our lives. There are times to ?go with the flow? and times to take charge. A New Moon Power Day is a day to take charge. Wish for whatever you would like to manifest in your life, but focus especially on those things you have not yet been able to attain, even though you may have wanted them for a long time. Focus and be specific.

The first of these New Moons occurs on?Saturday, March 1st, at 3:00am EST. Since this New Moon occurs in PISCES, on this day wishes concerning the following categories that are related to that sign are especially potent: unconditional love, gentleness, kindness, non-judgment, trusting in a higher power, sensitivity, psychic abilities

Sample wishes:
?I want to easily find myself behaving with more kindness in all my relationships?
?I want the habit of judging myself and others?totally?lifted from me?
?I want to easily find myself being sensitive toward others in a way that increases the harmony in my relationships?
?I want to consciously, consistently experience the ecstasy of unconditional love within myself?


This month?s second New Moon occurs on?Sunday, March 30th, at 2:46 pm EDST. Since the New Moon occurs in ARIES, your list should include wishes concerning the following categories that are especially related to that sign:??action, independence, taking initiative, courage, positive fighting spirit, the warrior.

Sample wishes:
?I want to easily find myself going in independent directions that are constructive for me?
?I want to easily assert myself in a way that leads to others hearing me and wanting me to get my way?
?I want courage and positive initiative to enter into every area of my life?
?I want to easily find myself taking action in making my dreams come true!?

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