The Astrological Edge March 2017


Traditionally, March is a time for new beginnings, with the Spring Equinox on the 20th this year heralding the Sun’s ingress into Aries and the start of the astrological new year. This month, however, Venus will turn retrograde, a phenomenon that occurs approximately every 18 months. Though, unlike Mercury retrograde, Venus retrograde won’t influence our sense of logic or the reliability of technology, we may find ourselves reflecting on our emotional state and reassessing our values because of it.

This month, we will also experience an increase in optimism and an ability to see the good in others as well as ourselves as a result of Jupiter in Libra’s strong influence. Meanwhile, the ongoing exciting trine between practical Saturn in Sagittarius and groundbreaking Uranus in Aries will continue to help promote sensible yet innovative change.

Venus Retrograde Encourages Reassessment of Values and Relationships
While we may be inspired with new ideas, it won’t be good timing to move forward with our plans. Venus is the ruler of both money and love, making Venus retrograde a particularly bad time to initiate major business transactions or committed relationships.

On a global level, we could see a dip in major economies and reversals in interest rates or international trade agreements. Societies around the world may struggle to reconnect with their cultural values. It could be a productive time, however, to call for the repeal of legislation that has created an inequitable situation. With Venus retrograding in fiery Aries, citizens will feel more empowered to stand up and fight for their principles.

On a personal level, this could be a time to reconnect with an old flame or resolve issues in a current relationship. It won’t be advisable, however, to make drastic changes related to partnerships. If you are feeling dissatisfied with your partner during the retrograde Venus cycle, it would be wise to give yourself some space but to delay changing your relationship status until after Venus goes direct. It also won’t be a good time to make important purchases, though you may have luck selling an item that no one seemed interested in buying before. Venus will be retrograde from the 4th of this month until it turns direct on April 15; however, because of the “shadow phase” of its retrograde, we could have already begun to feel its influence last month, and the effects may continue until as late as May 19.

Retrograde Jupiter Exactly Opposite Uranus Creates Unpredictability in Love and Finance
The month begins with an exact opposition between Jupiter and Uranus on the 2nd, an aspect that will only loosen slightly as the month progresses. Jupiter is another planet associated with money and resources. With its exact opposition to unpredictable Uranus occurring during a retrograde Venus cycle, we should expect the unexpected in regards to the economy and our finances, resources, or love life.

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This month’s New Moon occurs on the 27th at 9:57 PM E.S.T. The first eight hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours later will still work. For the exact best times for writing your wishes, check out New Moon Power Days  within the three days prior to each New Moon.