The ASTROLOGICAL EDGE . . . . . . October 2018

The powerhouse planets Pluto and Saturn will both be moving forward in Capricorn in October, after stationing direct last month. Consequently, we will have the ability to focus on our long-term ambitions. We could also see governments and other large institutions implementing internal changes that have been in development over the past six months. A feeling of forward momentum will encourage business activity, especially since Mars will clear the shadow phase of its last retrograde cycle by the 8th. Financial transactions and economic development could experience a slowdown, however, because of the Venus retrograde (October 5 to November 16). 

Additionally, Uranus will continue its retrograde path through Taurus, a sign associated with money and resources. The overall mood will be one of taking cautious steps forward. It would be wise to manage finances carefully and avoid making large purchases or investments this month if possible. Efforts to repurpose existing resources or renegotiate business agreements will be supported. When it comes to decisions regarding money or close relationships, we would be well advised to do our homework and look to the past for valuable lessons.

Saturn and Uranus Promote Sustainable Living Movement
The favorable trine between Saturn and Uranus will continue, though it will diminish in potency as the month progresses. As Saturn moves ahead in Capricorn, Uranus will be retrograde in Taurus. The result will be a push-pull energy that can have a balancing effect on businesses, the economy, and governments. We are likely to see changes that were initiated within organizations to be actualized in the outside world now. For example, this could be a time when laws, rules, or regulations that have been debated at length are actually passed or more strictly enforced. But don’t expect business as usual. Though Uranus is the planet of revolution and freedom, it will be working productively from within established structures. This expression of Uranus in Taurus should feel more tempered than that of Uranus in passionate Aries that we experienced from the summer of 2010 through early this year.

Globally, we could see whistleblowers alerting us to business or government activities. There will be a chance for organizations to weed out “bad apples” and redirect their attention toward repairing their image. On a personal level, we’ll be craving more financial freedom and control over our ability to sustain ourselves. The grow-your-own-food movement will likely rise in popularity, as will efforts to use renewable resources. We’re apt to see pioneers in sustainable living set a positive example for those wishing to feel more secure in their ability to meet their basic needs for food and shelter.

Jupiter-Pluto Sextile Concludes, Rewarding Committed Efforts
A productive sextile between generous Jupiter and tenacious Pluto will be strongest as the month begins and conclude by midmonth. This favorable astrology for . . . . . Member READ THE FULL COLUMN Here.

This month’s New Moon occurs on the 8th at 11:47 P.M. EDST. The first 8 hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for wishing, but up to 24 hours later will still work.  For the exact best times for writing your wishes during any month’s New Moon, check out within the three days prior to each New Moon.

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