by Jan Spiller

Fire and Water are both elements of the emotional body. FIRE is the outward expression of emotion – passion, drama, intensity and enthusiasm – while WATER is the inner experience of emotion, especially awareness of the impact we have on the feelings of others and their emotional impact on us.

People who have many planets in Fire and few in Water tend to express more strongly than how they actually feel. Conversely, people with a lot of planets in Water signs and few in Fire feel more deeply than they outwardly express to others.

Having more placements in the emotional realm (Fire and Water signs) indicates an individual who reaches conclusions, makes decisions and is driven to act on the basis of their emotions rather than from mental considerations.

Air and Earth are both elements of the mental body. AIR is the abstract component of the mind and rules ideas, theories, mathematics, music, brilliance and sociability. EARTH is the practical portion of the mind, which is more concerned with tangible results than with intangible ideas.

People with many planets in Air signs and few in Earth tend to be very mental and intelligent, but not very practical. They may put a lot of energy into creating something, and then lose interest and go on to a new activity without reaping the tangible rewards of what they have already done.

People with a lot of planets in Earth signs and few in Air can get “bogged down” with repetitive patterns. They need an Air person around them to provide the insights that can help them break free to reach the next level.

Having more placements in the mental realm (Earth and Air signs) indicates an individual who makes decisions based on rational considerations – logic and practicality – rather than emotional promptings.

Fire and Water are opposite components of the EMOTIONAL BODY. Fire is enthusiasm, passion, inspiration and all forms of outward emotional expression. Water represents feelings that we experience deeply and do not express.

Four or more placements in Fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius – indicate a person who has a passionate nature. They are enthusiastic, dramatic, adventurous, inspirational, impassioned about life and outwardly excitable.

If there are more planets in Fire than Water, the person may express emotions more theatrically than what they actually feel inside. For example, they may “fly off the handle” with: “Why did you leave that light on?!!!?…” when it’s really not that big a deal to them.

Sometimes the Fire is understated and the person seems almost unemotional, in which case it?s the intensity of expression that others notice.

If you have many planets in Fire signs and few in Water, you may inadvertently have others walking on egg shells around you because of your “enthusiastic outbursts.” You might want to let them know: “Look, I just have a passionate nature. It’s not really that big a deal to me.” Inwardly the people around you will sense the truth of what you are saying and can begin to relax around you, and stop resisting your energy.

Earth and Air are opposite components of the MENTAL BODY. Earth is the practical portion of the mind and is concerned with tangible results rather than intangible ideas.

Earth people – those with four or more placements in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) – are NOT abstract, and consider endless theoretical discussions to be a complete waste of their time. For the Earth person, if the conversation isn’t leading to a tangible result (ie: building a house or a business, doing a practical service, or moving toward the completion of a personal goal) it has no value.

If a person has many planets in EARTH signs, their practical approach to life insures that they will make adequate material preparations for the future. Even if they are not motivated by money and do not enjoy the process, they will do it because they recognize the practical importance.

When Earth people are working on a personal problem they go over and over it, and it’s easy for them to get stuck. It?s almost like an endless loop tape just keeps repeating in their minds, and they can never reach a resolution. This is why it’s to their advantage to spend time with Air people, who have fluid minds and can “tune in” to the Earth person’s “endless tape” and see the specific answer they are looking for.

Patience is recommended here. If the Air person hears the problem but doesn’t give the desired insight right away, it?s to the Earth persons advantage to keep running it by the Air person until they yield the correct solution. Then the mental tape will “pop” and resolve itself.

A person with four or more placements in Air signs -Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – and a lack of planets (0 or 1) in Earth signs, is what I would call an “airhead”. Air people are brilliant, theoretical, mathematical, musical, social, well read and can discuss almost any topic.

Their minds are abstract, positive and fluid – UNTIL a practical concern enters the picture. Then they begin to worry and, upon occasion, can become almost ?paranoid? in that their fears begin to loom out of proportion with the reality of the situation.

For example, an Air person, in their usual positive frame of mind, may be out walking and have the thought: “Oh, it’s February. I need to remember to gather my tax records for the year!” They continue on their way and another thought occurs: “You know, I forgot to declare that one source of interest last year… it wasn’t a big deal…” Then: “Gosh, come to think of it, I just read about a doctor who was jailed by the IRS for that very thing….” and before you know it, they think they are in trouble with the IRS!

Air people need the comfort of Earth people to help them stay relaxed, confident and grounded in their bodies.

Water people (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are very much in touch with their inner feelings and moods. They are also tuned in to other’s feelings, and empathy is a strong suit for them.

A person with three or more planets in Water signs is very aware of other’s inner emotional responses, and will go out of their way to not hurt another?s feelings.

It is natural to project that others are the same as we are, so Water people often have the idea that others are as aware of – and sensitive to – emotions as they are. So when someone says something that hurts them, they become upset: “I would never say such a hurtful thing!”

They imagine that the other person knew that what they said would hurt them – but this is not usually the case. Others are simply LESS AWARE of feelings, and do not automatically understand of the impact of their words on others.

If a person has four or more placements in Water, their sensitivity to personal emotion is pronounced and they can assume that they are more sensitive in this area than those around them.

Jan Spiller