By Jan Spiller

The MOON in astrology represents the longing for emotional fulfillment and nurturing through connection with others on a deep, non-verbal level.

Wherever the MOON is found in your chart, is where you will be most aware of the emotional component of any situation. The position of the MOON reveals how you experience and express your needs for closeness with others. It is the love you need to give and receive from others in order to feel taken care of and secure.  It is in this area of your life that you can satisfy your deepest hunger for emotional completion.

The Sign your Moon is in shows your instinctive reaction to life situations.  The Moon is your self-image on the deepest level, so in spite of your Sun Sign you will likely identify more with the Sign of your Moon.  It includes the subconscious memories of who you were in past lives, how you got along in the world, and the qualities you developed on such a deep level that now they are your instinctive way of responding to life.

The Sign of your Moon also shows your style of nurturing and taking care of those close to you.  It’s instinctive.  Simultaneously, you need people in your environment to give the qualities shown by your Moon back to you so that you can feel nurtured and secure.

For example, if your Moon is in the Sign of Pisces, you instinctively give people the benefit of the doubt.  You love those in your immediate circle unconditionally and, rather than judging, you try to help them with their weaknesses and heal them.  In order to feel nurtured, you need those closest to you to also love you unconditionally and help you when you feel helpless or overwhelmed.

The House where your Moon resides shows the arena of life in which you can find the nurturing you need to feel satisfied in this lifetime.  For example, if your Moon is in the 5th House, you need children, creative projects, or romance to feel emotionally fulfilled.  If it’s in the 12th House, you need time alone, meditation, and peaceful environments to feel emotionally centered and secure. You will also experience many ups and downs in the area of your life shown by the House your Moon occupies. If you do not know the Sign and House position of the Moon when you were born, click here for a copy of your natal birth chart.


moods, non-verbal communications, feelings, subtle perceptions, need for nurturing, the mother, women in general, instinctive responses, intuition, food, caring, empathy, protectiveness, memory, impressions, reflection, sensitivity, ESP, home, deepest needs, the unconscious, tendencies from past lives, ancestry, self-image, attachment, all-encompassing mother love, security/insecurity, and a sense of belonging.

THE MOON rules the SIGN Cancer

THE MOON spends  2-1/4 days in each Sign

The CHALLENGE of the MOON is to grow beyond identifying yourself with changeable emotional states, and to stop expecting other people or external circumstances to be responsible for your inner state of being.  As you spend time in the activities shown by the House where your Moon is located, you gain deeper feelings of satisfaction.

The GOAL of the MOON IS to gain emotional balance and inner security. This opens you to experiencing the satisfaction of experiencing emotionally nurturing interactions with others.

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