The most powerful New Moon of the year is the New Moon in Aries . . . . .


Hi Jan,
I’ve been a New Moon Astrologer for 13 years and have never encountered a New Moon and Treasure Map within several hours of one another. This is happening on the New Moon on Friday March 20th. The Equinox happens just hours after the New Moon. Is it Treasure Map time?? or do we wait til the April New Moon??? Many have this questions…..please let us know.

Thank you!



Hi Shelagh,
The most powerful New Moon of the year is the New Moon in Aries. This year it is on Saturday, April 18, at 5:57pm ET, as the New Moon passes its conjunction to the Sun in Aries. This is the time to do the Treasure Map as the energy of the New Moon in Aries will propel our lives into new beginnings.

The fact that the Spring Equinox – when the transiting Sun moves into 0 degrees of Aries – happens only hours after March’s New Moon/Solar Eclipse does make for an interesting year ahead. Energetically, it would indicate that the new beginning inherent in the atmosphere of 2015 will have to do with trusting that there is a bigger picture unfolding (the Eclipse happening at 29degrees of Pisces) and being willing to plunge forward with our lives from a ‘gut instinct that this is correct’ base (the Aries influence of the Equinox).

With Love,

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