The Quadrants By Jan Spiller



Planets in Quadrant #1 (Houses 1, 2 & 3)


Many planets in Quadrant #1 indicate that in this lifetime, your primary attention is focused on yourself – on developing a heightened awareness of your personal identity and inherent values, learning to be more at ease in communicating your ideas to others.

You probably need more time alone than other folks in order to stay in touch with your own identity and experience yourself personally – recognizing your own impulses and learning to discriminate when and how to appropriately assert yourself. Staying grounded is important, as things do not turn out well when you “leave yourself” in order to impress others.

When someone has an opinion different from yours, you are learning to “check it out” inside yourself and take the time to think things through, rather than making an impulsive retort based on wanting to impress. You are learning the value of staying centered inside yourself while relating with others.

This is a lifetime designed for learning more about your personality, how you feel inside yourself, and where you really stand. You are learning to get in touch with what makes you feel comfortable, what you inherently value, and what gives you a true sense of self-worth.

It’s also a learning/teaching lifetime, and through interacting with a variety of people you will grow and discover more about yourself.

Planets in Quadrant #2 (Houses 4, 5 & 6)


A majority of planets in Quadrant #2 indicates that, in this lifetime, you are learning to effectively integrate your identity into your relationships with others. You are consciously developing a new personal foundation that can support you in doing so.

To this end, it is helpful to involve yourself in studies that assist you in shifting your frame of reference from unconscious negative childhood conditioning to a more mature, positive, stable ?home base.?

This is a lifetime where a focus on personal pleasure is encouraged and, as you learn to express your creative will in ways that lead to experiences of vitality and joy, everyone is blessed.

Increased awareness regarding the importance of a greater level of health and well being in all areas of your life will require developing new routines of diet and exercise. You are also learning to analyze your experiences so that you grow and make choices that reflect a more efficient use of time.

In this lifetime the primary focus is on your personal life; learning through the relationships in your immediate environment – your family, children and co-workers – how to interact with others in ways that produce more effective and happier results as the years go by.

Planets in Quadrant #3 (Houses 7, 8 & 9)


A majority of planets in this Quadrant indicate that, in this lifetime, you are learning to become more objectively aware of others… their identity, as apart from your own.

You yearn to “be part of” someone else and to do things in shared partnership. For success in this area you must begin to tune in to others and be willing to allow their values and ideas to help you grow. As you open to their energy and allow it to change you, your transformed energy will produce an opening in them.

This process creates a “middle ground” that will actually be more satisfying for you than if you had gotten what you wanted without having gone through this transformation. You are destined for partnership this lifetime, so there will never be a lack of candidates.

Close one-to-one interactions teach you how to refine your manner in a way that is more acceptable to others. Therefore, it is to your advantage to embrace others feedback, change your presentation and successfully link.

If your commitment to the partnership is strong enough, you will be open to learning from him/her, which will allow you to develop and refine the expression of your own identity.

As you grow, your horizons will expand and you will actually gain more than you may have imagined going into the union. You are learning the importance of finding out about – and honoring other?s values, what motivates them, their philosophies and different ways of viewing life.

Planets in Quadrant #4 (Houses 10, 11 & 12)


Many planets in the fourth Quadrant show that, in this lifetime, you are primarily focused on learning how to integrate yourself with society on an impersonal level, taking responsibility for working with others for the public good.

You are learning to develop a true sense of friendship, to awaken to humanitarian interests, and to love others unconditionally – thereby becoming a healing influence in the world.

You are likely to be goal-oriented and be able to see the “bigger picture” that others are unaware of, which allows you to more easily attain that which is important to you. There is a longing for something higher than the strictly personal life, and a desire to lose yourself in causes that have a wider impact than your own personal comfort and pleasure.

In personal relationships, success depends on your continuing to allot time to pursuing other friendships and public activities. You “march to a different drummer” than most others, and are willing to follow your own path without being daunted by societies opinions.

You are motivated by your own private vision of the impact you can have on the world, and are learning how to successfully translate that vision in a way that society will accept.

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Many planets in Quadrant #1 indicate that in this lifetime, your primary attention is focused on yourself - on developing a heightened awareness of your personal identity and inherent values, learning to be more at ease in communicating your ideas to others...
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