by Jan Spiller

The SUN represents the urge to BE ONESELF as an individual. It is the desire to express creativity and leadership.

Wherever the SUN is found in your chart, you will feel naturally creative, alive and vibrant! In this area of life, you will feel playful, confident and have an innate, childlike ability to shine and be yourself. The Sun shows where you feel confident in your own prowess and want to be recognized for your natural gifts and talents. Key ideas for the SUN: urge for power and recognition, individual strength, innate confidence, pride, natural authority, creative male energy, the father, leadership, source, inborn talents, natural expression, generosity, popularity, creative passion, radiance, shining, vitality, conscious gifts, life purpose, and special contribution to others.
Rules the SIGN of : Leo

Rules the natural HOUSE : 5th House

Time in each Sign : One month


The challenge of the SUN: to use your God-given gift of power wisely and not just as an “ego tool” for getting what you want. The challenge is to expand beyond the desire for recognition of your personal power into using that power to contribute to the light of others.

The goal of the SUN: to simply be your radiant self, contributing your gifts to others in an innocent, childlike way.

Use to increase the SUN’S power in your life : The metal, Gold; the stones Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, Amber, Peridot, Heliodore.

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The Sun in Astrology
The SUN represents the urge to BE ONESELF as an individual. It is the desire to express creativity and leadership
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Cosmic Love Website
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