This Lunar Eclipse occurring AUGUST 7, 2017 (15° Aquarius)

The Lunar Eclipse occurring August 7th will help to facilitate rapid shifts in your emotional body and open you to new opportunities.  You’ll become aware of the need to step back and analyze your situation and could be inspired with an innovative solution.

Lunar Eclipses have the power to illuminate situations in our lives that require our attention.  This eclipse may highlight issues with friends or within your community.  Humanitarian rights will be a big theme and you may feel a strong need to exercise your personal freedom.

This Lunar Eclipse may also focus your attention on a long-range goal.  You’ll have the ability envision your future and gain clarity about the path ahead.  It can become easier to see how your life is connected to your friends, neighbors and community.  When you factor in the greater good of those around you, it will be easy to create win-win outcomes.  This Lunar Eclipse will be in Aquarius, a sign associated with sudden change.  By staying flexible during unexpected circumstances, you’ll be able to find the opportunity for growth during this time.  You’re scheduled to “shake up” your life a bit and try some new things.

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