Moon Wobbles stir up emotional energy in the atmosphere. Because July’s Moon Wobble occurs in the sign of CANCER squaring the Nodal Axis, it is likely that a final display of moody emotionalism may emerge – either on your part or the part of another. You may become overly needy, insecure or childish.

The temptation will be to take action based on impulsiveness, selfishness, or an over-concern with survival. This action may seem like a good idea at the time, but upon reflection, may clearly prove to be detrimental in the long run. Better to wait until this time of emotional intensity has passed – after July 4th – and then reconsider your plan. If it still seems viable, move with it.

During this Moon Wobble, you may feel frustration when trying to achieve a sense of emotional security for yourself and loved ones. Things may not be moving as quickly as you would like. If you try to over-assert yourself and force results, you will likely be rebuffed. Just keeping in mind that everyone is feeling a bit “blocked” right now can help calm down the intensity.

Unnecessary emotionalism leads to personal loss during these days. The path of displaying moodiness or being overly childish is simply not scheduled to work at this time. Patience and being willing to both give and receive support is your key to peace of mind and successfully navigating the cycle.

You’ll become aware that you can move forward more smoothly when you take the desires, needs and opinions of others into account. When you solicit the ideas of others, and openly share your own thoughts and feelings, you’ll be able to . . . . . Members may login here to read the full column!

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*** Notes on Moon Wobbles ***

Although everyone will be feeling more emotional during a Moon Wobble cycle, some people are more sensitive to – and affected by – the motion of the Moon. If you are “Lunar Attuned” – just keep in mind that although your emotions are stirred up, its not a life or death situation. It is part of the predictable emotional flow of life and this too shall pass.