JANUARY 5, 2019 (15° CAPRICORN) 
By Stephanie Shea

This Solar Eclipse will help you to challenge yourself in ways that lead to personal and professional success. You’ll be tapping into your inner strength and ability to go for what you want, even if it looks like a long uphill climb to get there!

You’ll be learning how to be patient and recognize the value of investing time in the goals that are important to you. This Eclipse brings lessons to remind us that those who are prominent in their field started from square one and put time, effort, and passion into honing their skills.

During the days around this Eclipse, you may find yourself feeling that you’ve taken on too much responsibility, and this can feel stressful. Turn your attention back to your personal desire and inspiration. With all growth comes the additional responsibility to be accountable to ourselves and others. Realize that you are becoming a more powerful version of yourself and your efforts will be rewarded.

One word of caution: avoid becoming so driven that you exhaust yourself. You are meant to push your limits during this time, but within reason. The goal is sustainable progress and development. Also avoid thinking that you have to tackle big challenges alone. Others with the experience and skill you desire will be a huge asset, if you allow them to assist you.

If you were born January 3rd – 7th, of any year, this Solar Eclipse conjoins your Sun and will be a powerful force to motivate you in the coming six months. Regardless of your birth date, this Eclipse will . . . . . Members can Read The Full Column Here.

Solar Eclipses release the seeds of new lessons to be learned by all of humankind during the six-month period following the eclipse. This year, we’ll experience three Solar Eclipses, which is a bit rare. Most years contain only two, although we did experience three Solar Eclipses in 2018.

The first Solar Eclipse of 2019 will be in Capricorn and will help you set your sights on a long-term goal. You will be learning to understand your limitations, work with your strengths, and accept more responsibility in order to reach your highest potential. This eclipse will emphasize . . . . .

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