Venus and Jupiter conjunct this evening at sunset….

A friend just passed on to me: “Venus and Jupiter conjunct this evening at sunset….this hasn’t happened for 2000 years…” Actually, Jupiter conjoins Venus far more frequently than that. The next time it happens (when the degree of conjunction is exact) is January 22, 2019, at 16 degrees of Sagittarius.

In spite of the ‘2000 years’ inaccuracy, it is true that the Jupiter-Venus conjunction – tonight occurring in the sign of Leo – ushers in a time of tremendous love and expansion. This is a cycle (lasting until August 11) that supports romantic atmospheres, having fun, parties and indulging in a more happy and playful view of life. Personal love relationships can blossom and grow. If you are seeking a new romantic partner– go forth! Everyone will be in a more playful and romantic mood! It is also a time when your creativity will soar so be willing to take chances in expressing yourself and letting others see your Light shine!

Relationships with children are also blessed and its a good period for reaching out and connecting. Its also the time for a re-birth of the child within yourself– that part of you that is enthusiastic about life and indulges in activities that bring you healthy pleasure! Between now and August 11, be sure to plan time on you calendar for simply play and enjoying yourself!