VENUS RETROGRADE . . . . . March 4, 2017 (Aries) – April 15, 2017 (Pisces)


March 4, 2017 (Aries) – April 15, 2017 (Pisces)

When the planet Venus is in retrograde, you will be prompted to pull back from external concerns and social activity and turn within to redefine your values.  Relationships are a big focus during any Venus retrograde period.  When Venus is retrograde, sometimes a relationship from your past will reappear – either from earlier years in this life or from a prior life.  Therefore you may meet someone “new,” who at the same time feels very familiar to you.  It will be a powerful time to re-examine any love relationships that come back into your life.  There may be more experiences to share with that person for a sense of completion to occur.

Because Venus will be retrograde in the sign of Aries between March 4th and April 3rd, you will likely be reexamining any habits that prevent you from creating successful outcomes in your partnerships and social interactions during this time.

Are you involving yourself in actions that contribute to living a life filled with passion and feeling alive?  You may realize that it’s time to put more energy into activities that help you advance toward your personal goals.   Because the Uranus-Pluto square will be in effect during this Venus retrograde cycle, you may be reexamining current relationships to determine if you’re sacrificing your own interests for a partner.

You will be reassessing what’s important to you.  What is it that you would like to experience in your closest relationships?  Have you been falling into a pattern of catering to others at the expense of pursuing your own independent life goals?  Are you allowing time for activities you enjoy doing on your own?

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