by Jan Spiller

viod_moonWhen the Moon is ?Void of Course? it has passed its last major aspect to a planet and has not yet entered the next sign. This phenomena can occur for only a few minutes or it may last a day or two. It depends upon the sign the Moon is in and the sign locations of the other planets.


There is a ?spacy? mood in the atmosphere… a feeling of being ?disconnected? and lack of mental clarity. Fresh outer activity initiated during the Void of Course Moon is often met with confusion and unexpected results that are not to our advantage.

People lack a sense of direction and make decisions that are ?off base? and later need to be reevaluated. It is wise to simply avoid initiating something new in the outer world during the Void of Course Moon, although it is fine to take care of routine tasks and duties.

The best bet is to turn your attention inward as this is an exceptional period for self reflection and personal growth. By writing in a journal or taking time for reflection, profound revelations can occur that show you new visions of who you are and how the systems in your life are working.

As effectiveness in the outer world temporarily closes, the door to the inner world opens and there is no limit to what we can see, learn and experience within ourselves.