By Jan Spiller

What is a Void of Course Moon?  When the Moon is Void of Course it has passed its last major aspect to a Planet and has not yet entered the next Sign. This phenomena can occur for only a few minutes or it may last a day or two. It depends on the Sign the Moon is in and the Sign locations of the other Planets.


What are the effects of a Void of Course Moon?  There is a spacy mood in the atmosphere… a lack of mental clarity and feeling of being ‘disconnected.’ Activities initiated during the Void of Course Moon are often met with confusion and unexpected results that are not to our advantage.

During a Void of Course Moon, people lack a sense of direction and tend to make decisions that are off base and later need to be reevaluated. So it is wise to simply avoid starting something new in the outer world, although it is fine to take care of routine tasks and duties.

The best bet is to turn your attention inward during these times, as they are beneficial periods for self-reflection and personal growth. By writing in a journal or spending quiet time alone, profound revelations can occur that show you new visions of who you are and how your life is working. As effectiveness in the outer world temporarily closes, the door to the inner world opens and there is no limit to what we can see, learn and experience within ourselves.

The following are tips for how to best handle the Void of Course Moon according to your personal Sun Sign.  If you do not know the sign of your Sun, click here for a free chart.

Rules of the road during a Void of Course Moon

Accept the fact that you may not be thinking clearly: your emotions are open and free, and not clearly focused on attaining any particular result in the outside world. You may feel spacey and undirected. It’s best to spend this time nurturing yourself: write in a journal, do quiet activities around the home, allow yourself to daydream, meditate and/or read something of a spiritual nature.

Your best way of adapting to the Void of Course Moon based on your Sun Sign

SUN IN ARIES: release your urge to initiate new projects with others and simply do an activity on your own.

SUN IN TAURUS: release your urge to accumulate and simply enjoy an activity that brings you sensual pleasure.

SUN IN GEMINI: release your urge to make new connections with people; simply pull back and immerse yourself in an activity on your own that engages your mental energy.

SUN IN CANCER: release trying to gain more safety and simply enjoy the security you have created thus far in your life.

SUN IN LEO: release trying to get your way with others; simply lay back and have a good time.

SUN IN VIRGO: release trying to change the behavior of another; simply begin to process what you have been learning recently.

SUN IN LIBRA: release trying to create outer harmony and simply spend some time doing things that help you feel balanced within yourself.

SUN IN SCORPIO: release your need to experience power in relationship to others; simply involve yourself in a creative project you feel passionate about on your own.

SUN IN SAGITTARIUS: release trying to help others feel optimistic; simply become involved in an activity (reading a spiritual or philosophical book; prayer or meditation) that increases your own trust in a Higher Power.

SUN IN CAPRICORN: release trying to organize and control everyone in your environment; simply relax and get in touch with enjoying the goals you have already accomplished.

SUN IN AQUARIUS: release trying to create equality with others; simply refocus on seeing the big picture behind events currently unfolding in your life.

SUN IN PISCES: release trying to create greater exchanges of love in your relationships; simply pull back and enjoy the bliss and contentment inside yourself.