What sign is the Moon in?  The Moon orbits the earth, passing through each Sign of the zodiac once every 27.33 days.  In astrology the Moon rules feelings, and the Sign the Moon is travelling through infuses an emotional flavor or mood into the atmosphere.

If you are aware of the daily sign position of the Moon you’ll begin to notice patterns in your own emotional responses. It’s likely that some Moon Signs are more auspicious for you (more compatible with your nature) than others and, in general, different Moons are best for different activities. For the sign of today’s Moon, click here.


When the Moon is in ARIES there’s a lot of ‘feisty’ energy in the atmosphere!  Folks are feeling bolder and are initiating connections spontaneously. This is a good time to involve yourself in an activity that YOU enjoy, even if you do it on your own.


When the Moon is in TAURUS there’s a kind of “laziness” in the air – a ‘couch potato mood’ definitely permeates the atmosphere!  There’s an awareness of the importance of enjoying the five senses and appreciating physical pleasures. This is a good time for a massage, a sensual experience, or taking an excursion in nature to appreciate Earth’s beauty.


When the Moon is in GEMINI a desire for motion permeates the mood and there’s a feeling of restlessness in the atmosphere.  It’s a social mood, although interactions may be on a lighthearted, superficial level. This is a good time to go out and mix with others.


When the Moon is in CANCER there’s an urge to stay home, get comfortable, and take a break from the world!  This is a great time for inviting a family member to your home for dinner. By using the sensitivity available in the atmosphere to empathize with others, you can avoid getting carried away with your own over-emotional reactions.


When the Moon is in LEO there’s a “party” feeling in the air and folks are out socializing and looking for a good time. Good will reigns and spirits are high!  Clubs and restaurants are generally filled when the Moon is in Leo, as people tend to feel more gregarious. This is a good time to start a creative project or go out and enjoy yourself!


When the Moon is in VIRGO there’s a desire to produce tangible results that will be of service to another, or that will help you gain a greater feeling of organization. This is a great time to organize paperwork, clean the house, or plan to begin a new diet or other healthy routine.


When the Moon is in LIBRA there’s a cooperative mood in the atmosphere and an urge to unite with another for shared experiences.  Social harmony runs high and folks are often more tactful than usual, going out of their way to be aware of the other when communicating.  This is a good time for relationships and for partnering with another.


When the Moon is in SCORPIO there’s an intensity in the atmosphere and a serious mood of secrecy. This may result in a desire to “live on the edge” and have intense experiences. It’s a good time to consider others’ needs and desires and to connect with them on a deeper emotional level.


When the Moon is in SAGITTARIUS there’s a risk-taking mood in the atmosphere and an almost careless approach to social situations.  This is a good time to be spontaneous and have an adventure!


When the Moon is in CAPRICORN there’s a somber mood in the atmosphere and folks will want to be “taking care of business,” even in the evening. Your thoughts are likely to turn toward issues involving security, including money and plans for the future.  This is a good time for setting goals.


When the Moon is in AQUARIUS it stimulates a natural curiosity and objectivity. You may find yourself “people watching” to learn more about the lives of others.  There’s a desire to connect in helpful ways that further the feeling of brother/sisterhood.  This is a good time to spend with friends, maybe going out to a comedy club!


When the Moon is in PISCES there’s a “dreamy” quality in the atmosphere and a feeling of general well-being and happiness.  There’s not a lot of focused energy to prompt “getting things done,” but rather a meditative energy supporting restful activities such as sleep, meditation, and quiet time alone.