If your birthday is in MAY, the year 2015 is holding an underlying theme of establishing stability through self-reliance.

Desires for frivolous pleasures, popularity and freedom have not been as much in the foreground this year as the importance of dependability is likely to have been a greater primary value.  You still have plenty of energy to efficiently assume responsibility for your life.

This is a time when you can take your future into your own hands and to put into action plans that will assure security on all levels.  There is a willingness to go slowly – step by step – so that the results can be counted on for reliability over the long haul.

Throughout the year of 2015, people born in MAY are learning to build practical foundations they can count on.

Although this theme is operative in the background for the group of everyone born in MAY, your own PERSONAL destiny in the year ahead is determined by the numerological total derived from adding your birth month, day and the current year.

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