SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS Reports for 2015 now available to non-members . . . . .


These reports, based solely on your Sun Sign, give you a glimpse into what 2015 holds for you.? They cover: predictions for the year for your Sun Sign, and how the major transiting planets ? Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will be transforming your life.

Included are tips on how to maximize the opportunities available to you as well as your best compass in 2015. The Mercury Retrograde periods of 2015 are covered, in addition to a listing of all the New Moon dates and times for the year.

Being able to understand in advance the energies that will be affecting you in 2015, will give you an edge in not taking events personally, but being able to see and utilize what is happening objectively.? You will be in a better position to navigate the year ahead to your advantage.

If you do not know your Sun Sign, get your free birth chart here.?

All 12 SUN SIGN PREDICTIONS are available as part of membership. Log here to see what 2015 has to offer.

Non-members can purchase each of the 12 Sun Sign reports here.

Approximately 7 pages, $5.95.